Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 Build 3632 x86/x64

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 Build 3632 x86/x64
Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 Build 3632 x86/x64 | 3.1 GB

In the last couple of weeks we have found and fixed a few serious dimension loss problems in ArchiCAD 15. In order to give a prompt solution to these problems we have created Hotfix-3 (Build 3632) containing these bugfixes.

The hotfix applies to all components: ArchiCAD, BIM Server, BIM Server Manager, EcoDesigner, BIM Explorer, MEP Modeler and all other GRAPHISOFT-distributed Add-Ons and Goodies.

Release Notes ArchiCAD 15 Hotfix-3 (Build 3632): Release Notes


GRAPHISOFT ignited the BIM revolution with ArchiCAD, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as the revolutionary GRAPHISOFT BIM Server, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, and the GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner, the world’s first fully integrated building energy modeling application. GRAPHISOFT’s innovative solutions have fundamentally changed the way architects around the world design and collaborate. GRAPHISOFT� has been part of the Nemetschek Group, since its acquisition in 2007.



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