McAfee AVERT Stinger Portable

McAfee AVERT Stinger Portable

McAfee AVERT Stinger Portable | 9.06 Mb

McAfee Stinger detects and removes prevalent Fake Alert malware and threats identified in the “List Viruses” section of the Stinger application. While not a replacement for full fledged antivirus software, Stinger is updated multiple times a week to include detection for newer Fake Alert variants and prevalent viruses.

Enhanced detections are those that have been modified for this release. Detections are enhanced to cover new variants, optimize performance, and correct incorrect identifications.

New Detections:


Wide Angle Software Music Tag Tool 3.04

Wide Angle Software Music Tag Tool 3.04
Wide Angle Software Music Tag Tool 3.04 | 2.4 MB

Do your music files contain incorrect or missing music tags such as Artist, Album, Track Number? Do your music files contain incorrect or no artwork or Lyrics? Then you need, Music Tag Tool.

* Works with MP3, WMA, M4A and iTunes AAC audio files.
* Automatically download missing track information, Artwork and Lyrics.
* iTunes integration – just drag multiple audio files from iTunes and drop into Music Tag Tool for editing.
* Easily download music tags for multiple files.
* Allows manual editing of both tag data, Album Art and Lyrics.

Key Features
Music Tag Tool – Download ID3 tags to your MP3 files.
If your MP3 files contain incorrect or no information – Music Tag Tool will download the Track Number, Track Count, Genre, Year and other missing or incorrect data and apply them directly to your MP3 files – at the click of a button! This makes tagging your MP3 files super quick and super easy.

Music Tag Tool will find Album Art for your music on the web and save it into your MP3 file. You can then view this artwork when playing your music on your PC or on your Portable Music Player. If more than one Artwork is available for your music, Music Tag Editor, lets you choose which to use.

Music Tag Tool will find Lyrics for your music on the web and save it into your music file. Many Portable Media Players let you view lyrics. Sing along to your favorite tunes 🙂

Usually, you would have more than one file to tag at a time. Music Tag Tool contains features that make it easy to work with several files. Music Tag Tool allows you to edit multiple files at once or download all missing artwork and lyrics for all your music in one mouse click!

Did you know…
When you download Album Art with iTunes, iTunes does not embed the artwork inside your music file. Music Tag Tool puts the artwork straight into your music file. This makes the artwork more portable between your PCs and other portable media players.

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Active Boot Disk Suite 6.5.0 Datecode 26.11.2012

Active Boot Disk Suite 6.5.0 Datecode 26.11.2012


Active Boot Disk Suite 6.5.0 Datecode 26.11.2012 | 189.41 Mb

Active Boot Disk is a complete and functioning computer operating system on CD/DVD/USB disk. Active Boot Disk does not modify the operating system already installed on a computers hard drive. It includes many tools to boot up a computer and fix most startup, PC configuration, and system management problems.

Key Features:
– Dual-boot functionality (DOS + Windows)
– New Boot Disk Creator interface plus additional features
– Disk Defragmenter for files optimization
– New activation process does not require reinstallation
– File management – browse directories, search, copy and move files and folders
– Data CD/DVD burning for data backup and recovery purposes
– Additional driver loading on-the-fly, or from pre-configured directories
– Full access to non-bootable PC
– Network access via TCP/IP, network configurator is included

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PTC Creo 2.0 F000 Help Center

PTC Creo 2.0 F000 Help Center


PTC Creo 2.0 F000 Help Center
English | Win | PTC Creo 2.0 F000 Help Center | 1.29 GB

CAD\CAM Creo, PTC’s new family of design software, helps companies address their most pressing product development challenges to enable them to rapidly innovate and compete more effectively in the marketplace. Today’s organizations are struggling with global engineering teams and processes, efficiently incorporating corporate acquisitions and working with a multitude of customers and suppliers. In addition, the chronic problems with 3D CAD technologies- usability, interoperability, technology lock-in and assembly management- make these challenges even harder to overcome.

Creo delivers breakthrough technologies that address the unsolved 2D and 3D CAD problems. Creo enables everyone in the enterprise to contribute to product development, makes people more efficient and helps companies share data better both internally and externally. Creo enables companies to unlock potential within their organizations by unleashing creativity, facilitating teamwork, increasing efficiency and ultimately realizing value.

Ashampoo Photo Commander

Ashampoo Photo Commander
Ashampoo Photo Commander Multilanguage | 133 MB

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 is the ideal companion for all management, optimization and editing processes concerning your digital photos. The miniature view in the user interface allows you to get an overview of your photo collection or rather photos in a folder. Of course, you can also sort your photos according to date and time when the photo was taken (�calendar overview”) or you can filter the photos according to different criteria, e.g. only .jpg files, not older than two month or tagged with a certain term.

Not only pictures, but also audio and video collections are neatly displayed. Photos can be grouped differently or compiled in a virtual album for further editing. Batch processing allows you to select several pictures for editing, e.g. convert them into a different format.

The editing and quick-fix modes in Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 are designed clearly and intuitively so that you can give free rein to your creativity and experiment with effects and functions. It’s easy to rotate pictures, adjust horizontal nonalignment, crop images, remove red eyes and lots more. With just a click photos can be optimized or changed using effects, e.g. inversion, pixelization or outlining of contours.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 also offers you several cool features to present your photos. Create for example a slideshow or an HTML album in order to show your photos to family and friends. Collages as well as greeting cards or calendars are easily produced in next to no time.

Moreover, Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 enables you to make screenshots, scan images as well as print photos, send them by e-mail or burn them on a disc.

Here are some key features of “Ashampoo Photo Commander”:

3D hardware acceleration:
� The program now automatically uses the 3D processor in your computer’s video card to achieve a performance boost. If you have a 3D video card this significantly speeds up photo viewing and transition effects for smoother resizing and zooming, with additional smoothing for less �jaggy” images at high magnifications.

New, more efficient media database:
� The new automatic database that manages your media files is now both faster and more efficient, automatically updating when you’re uploading your media files on your PC. This means you can move files around without losing their tags (star ratings) and other data. The new database also makes scanning EXIF photo tags and MP3 audio tags much faster.

Drag & Drop virtual albums:
� The new Drag & Drop virtual albums (Favorites) organize your media files in folders without actually moving them � the same files can be included in multiple folders without creating multiple copies of the files. You can manipulate the files in virtual albums just like any other group of files: Add tags and star ratings, perform batch cut and crop operations, create slide shows and web albums and so on.

Create panorama images:
� This is a feature that many users have asked for. In version 7 you now have a tool for stitching together multiple photos to create a single large panorama image.

Slide shows with �Ken Burns” effect:
� The new quick slide show features the popular �Ken Burns” effect that zooms and pans on each image while it is being displayed. Just select the photos you want to include and press Ctrl+Space to start.

Digital camera and scanner importer:
� The new digital camera and scanner importer makes it quick and easy to import images directly from your digital camera or image scanner.

Improved Callout tool:
� A number of user suggestions have been implemented to improve the performance of the Callout (text bubble) tool, which now also includes the functions of the previous callout tool from Photo Commander 5.

Media browser enhancements:
� The media browser comes with many improvements, including advanced search by text, file type, file rating and age with a cut-off date. You can now also change the date and time of multiple files in batch mode and browse images without leaving Quick Fix mode � this makes it easier to apply quick fixes to multiple images. You can resize the thumbnail preview images in the media browser on the fly with a slider control.

Find duplicate images with different names:
� A powerful new function for finding duplicates will also find duplicate images with different names and images that are similar but not identical. You can enter the level of similarity in percent.

Batch Processing:
� The Batch Processing tool can save many hours of tedious work, converting to different formats and applying effects to multiple files in a single operation. Effects include resizing, brightness, gamma, contrast, color depth, rotate, invert, grayscale, drop shadows, borders, sharpening, watermarks, 1-click optimize and more. All these effects are applied to all the files in the selected batch.

Quick-Fix Tools:
� The Quick-Fix Tools gets results fast and will probably be able to handle almost all your photo editing needs. Features include one-click color and contrast optimization, photo straightening (if the camera wasn’t straight), red eye correction, cropping, rotating and more � all with a couple of clicks. All the tools are self-explanatory for instant results without hassles.

Creativity and Productivity Tools:
� Viewing and organizing your media files is just the beginning. Photo Commander comes with a whole suite of tools for sharing and using your photos creatively � both on the web and at home. You can mail your photos, export them to PDF files and burn them to CDs and DVDs. You can also create web albums, slide shows with music, photo collages, photo calendars, photo cards with frames, contact sheets, �photo mix” combinations and multi-image TIFF files (single-file slide shows). All these features are very easy to use � it’s basically a point and click process, the program guides you through every step.

Audio and Video:
� Ashampoo Photo Commander displays videos and plays audio tracks just as easily as it can manage your photos � you don’t need to switch to separate player programs. You can zoom videos, play them in full-screen mode, extract screenshots, create video playlists and more. You get all the functions of a good audio player. Play and organize your audio tracks, create and store playlists and much more. You can also create multimedia playlists, combining photos with audio and video files.

Skins and Plugins:
� You can load different �skins’ to give the program a different look or even redesign the program’s user interface yourself. Photo Commander also supports plugins for handling additional file formats. A number of plugins are already available, including plugins for the Canon RAW, Kodak Flashpix, HDR .dds, Industrial Light & Magic HDR .exr and Joint BiLevel .jbg formats.

New Features:
Improved Virtual Albums:
� Easily import or export selected albums
� M3U and MFAList file are automaticlly imported as albums
� Playlists and file basket content is now shown as album allowing the user to filter
� the files with the same options as if those files would be in the same directory
All New Groupview:
� The Browser received a major visual lift up by introducing a new group view mode
� All miniatures can be grouped by different predefined categories like creation month
� file type, camera model, tags, creator, A..Z, etc
� The miniatures share a new visual style showing only slightly zoomed parts of the photo
� without any other information in order to not irritate the user. Among selecting or
� hovering a photo additional information like filename or creation date is shown
� The classic view styles are still fully accessible and configurable

Real-Time Photo Compare Mode (Dual-View-Mode):
� View two different versions of the same photo simultaneously side …

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Instant Immersion 102 Languages

Instant Immersion 102 Languages
Instant Immersion 102 Languages | 3.68 GB

Instant Immersion 102 Languages ??introduces beginning travellers to 18 new languages ??around the globe.

Become a fluent speaker of almost any language, and make yourself understood anywhere! Languages ??Covered – CD 1 – Afrikaans, Albanian, Alsatian, American, Amharic, Arabic (Standard & Egyptian), Armenian, Assamese, Azeri, Basque, Bengali, Brazilian, Breton, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cantonese CD 2 – Catalan, Cornish, Corsican , Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hawaiian CD 3 – Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Jerrais , Kannada, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian CD 4 – Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Mandarin, Manx, Maori, Marathi, Mexican Spanish, Mongolian, Navajo, Nepali, Norwegian, Papiamento, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese CD 5 – Punjabi, Romanian, Romansh, Russian, Saami, Sardinian, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian, Sesotho, Setswana, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish CD 6 – Swahili, Swedish, Swiss, Tagalog, Tamazight, Tamil , Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish, Ukranian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Zulu
– Join your live-action CD-ROM show hosts as they guide you through the fun & easy lessons on each disc (6 CD set)
– Use the Patented EuroMethod approach to learn by doing – immerse yourself in a new culture and pick up words & phrases as you go
– Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction in 102 different languages ??guide you effortlessly around the world
In no time, you’ll be ordering food, making your way around, conducting business and asking questions
– Covers greetings and expressions, travel, service and emergencies, food – with speaking drills and memory games to improve your abilities

Arabic (Modern Standard)
Arabic (Egyptian)
Mexican Spanish
Scots Gaelic

Waveform Recordings – Afro-Tech 2

Waveform Recordings - Afro-Tech 2


Waveform Recordings – Afro-Tech 2
English | Windows | Waveform Recordings – Afro-Tech 2 | 1.06 GB

Deep & Natural tribal rhythms, voodoo grooves and raw house workouts are the latest from the Waveform Recordings maestros, featuring 1.14 Gb of tech-tinged loops and samples. Afro-Tech 2 is filled with big dancefloor grooves that will find fans among producers of Tech House, Techno, House, Minimal and more.

Following their chart-topping Afro-Tech pack, Waveform bring you Afro-Tech 2 with more than double the amount of samples.
Merging tribal sounds with cutting edge tech-house beats: a true crossover destined for the mainroom.
Full Percussive Loops
– 116 massive song-starting tribal rhythms – layered and fully formed for instant satisfaction.
Open Percussive Loops
– 42 pared-down percussive lines, featuring bongos, congas, djembe and more.
Layer at will for huge polyphonic backings or go it alone for deep, sparse beat ingredients.
Beat Loops
– 106 groove-laden tech house workouts, with beat variants offered for added flexibility.
Tops Loops
– 40 hat, shaker, clap and nu-tech loops: add a kick and roll.
Bass Loops
– 37 floor-rumbling bass workouts.
Music Loops
– 38 sequences featuring synths, brass, vocals, beat elements, and more. Cut, reverse and re- sequence for hundreds of unique grooves.
Glitch Vox Loops
– 28 vocal grooves with an afro-lain tinge
FX & Backgrounds
– 39 jungle atmospheres, savannah nights, synth fx & more. Great to add depth to a mix.
Single Hits
– 100 choice Kicks, Claps & Snares, Cymbals & Hats, and Percussive hits – all stacked for the tech floor.

Wenlin 4 Software for learning Chinese

Wenlin 4 Software for learning Chinese


Wenlin 4 Software for learning Chinese
English | Windows | Wenlin 4 Software for learning Chinese | 354.64 MB

Wenlin Software for learning Chinese
Wenlin 4 portable – Windows
Wenlin is CD-ROM software for the Macintosh and MS-Windows operating systems. Wenlin tackles the most frustrating obstacles for students, scholars, and speakers of Chinese with its versatile and easy-to-use�

Wenlin 4 Software for learning Chinese


Wenlin 4 Software for learning Chinese
English | Windows | Wenlin 4 Software for learning Chinese | 354.64 MB

Wenlin Software for learning Chinese
Wenlin 4 portable – Windows
Wenlin is CD-ROM software for the Macintosh and MS-Windows operating systems. Wenlin tackles the most frustrating obstacles for students, scholars, and speakers of Chinese with its versatile and easy-to-use�

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 Build 3632 x86/x64

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 Build 3632 x86/x64
Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 Build 3632 x86/x64 | 3.1 GB

In the last couple of weeks we have found and fixed a few serious dimension loss problems in ArchiCAD 15. In order to give a prompt solution to these problems we have created Hotfix-3 (Build 3632) containing these bugfixes.

The hotfix applies to all components: ArchiCAD, BIM Server, BIM Server Manager, EcoDesigner, BIM Explorer, MEP Modeler and all other GRAPHISOFT-distributed Add-Ons and Goodies.

Release Notes ArchiCAD 15 Hotfix-3 (Build 3632): Release Notes


GRAPHISOFT ignited the BIM revolution with ArchiCAD, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as the revolutionary GRAPHISOFT BIM Server, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, and the GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner, the world’s first fully integrated building energy modeling application. GRAPHISOFT’s innovative solutions have fundamentally changed the way architects around the world design and collaborate. GRAPHISOFT� has been part of the Nemetschek Group, since its acquisition in 2007.


Loopmasters House Percussion Loops-Multiformat

Loopmasters House Percussion Loops-Multiformat


Loopmasters House Percussion Loops-Multiformat
English | WIN | Loopmasters House Percussion Loops-Multiformat | 757.84 MB

From the dawn of time, man has had the instinct to thump membrane covered wooden cylinders to communicate his passion and angst of the day’s events. Luckily someone discovered the ability to interact using our vocal cords and having a conversation with your neighbour became a considerably quieter affair… well in some districts anyway, but the need for captivating rhythms to get down dirty and shake your booty continues so it is with great pleasure that Loopmasters proudly present “House Percussion” – a sample pack dedicated to bring you inspiring live played percussion loops guaranteed to bring your House and Club tracks to life.

This Tub based journey has been created exclusively for Loopmasters and features 10 Construction Kit Style Percussion Ensembles containing Loops from Conga’s, Agogo Bell, Claves, Tambourine, Cabassa and Shakers, making it easy to custom build your Percussion tracks to fit your productions.
In Detail: 758Mb of 24 Bit Quality sounds and loops including 134 Percussion Loops in 10 Construction Kits, 68 Percussion One Shot Samples and 1 Soft Sampler Patch for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats.
If you’re looking for inspiring, groove filled, live percussion to bring your mixes to life, then check out House Percussion Today!
Tech Specs:
24Bit Quality
10 Percussion Construction Kits
134 Percussion Loops
68 Percussion One Shots
164 Rex2 Files
1 Soft Sampler Patch For Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats.